Casino Vocabulary

Casino Vocabulary every Gambler Should Know

Whether you’re a seasoned casino player or a newbie in the casino or the gambling industry, it is important to be aware of the terms, and phrases that are used in the casino. There are a lot of them that you might or might not remember, thought it is quit impossible to remember and use all of them, it doesn’t hurt to know. Stick around till the end of this article to enlighten your gambling soul about these casino terms

  • High roller: A player who gambles at high stakes.
  •  Hot streak: A winning streak or a run of good luck
  • Hot table: A lucky gambling table where almost all players are on a winning spree.
  • House: Other term used for casino
  • House Edge: A built-in advantage that favors the casino over the player
  • House rules: Rules of certain games that differ from one casino to another
  • Instant casino: They’re also called the flash casinos, where the online gambling games can be played directly from the web browser, instead of downloading apps for it.
  • Jackpot: A huge sum won as a prize for winning a casino game.
  •  Live Dealer: A term used in the online casinos which uses the AI technology to interact with a live dealer.
  •  Lobby: That part of the casino, where the players to decide what games to play
  • Loyalty program: A program by the casinos that decide to reward the players based on their gameplay and loyalty.
  • Maker: Amount of money loaned to a player, to wager in a casino
  • Maximum bet: Highest money a player can stake for a bet
  • Minimum bet: The lowest money a player can stake for a bet
  • Multi-hand game: A game where the players can have more than one hand at the same time
  • Multiplayer game: A game which involves more than one player
  • Net winning: Profit made buy the player after a series of winnings
  • Optimal strategy: The correct or the right way to play a game, which offers the best chances for winning.
  • Payout: The amount the player wins after winning a bet or a game
  • Pit: A term used for a land based casino, that is divided into various sections with gambling tables called pits.
  • Play bonus: It is an online casino bonus which is meant for wagering and cannot be considered as a payout.
  • Progression betting: Involves increasing, or decreasing stakes after a win or loss respectively
  • Push: Also used alternatively for tie
  • Racino: A casino at horse racing track
  • RNG: A computer program used to generate random outcomes, especially used in online casinos
  • Reward scheme: A method used to reward players
  • Shuffle: A method to randomly mix the cards in a deck
  • Stake: It refers to the size of the bet
  • STIFF: A slang that is used to refer to the players that do not tip the dealers.
  • Up card: A card that is dealt without being exposed
  • VIP Player: A high-value player in a casino mainly because they’re regular or play for higher stakes
  • Withdrawal: Requesting for paying back your funds, especially in an online casino.

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